Newton is transformational for all stakeholders

For Admins

Get complete visibility of your School’s day-to-day activities. Automate operations, boost efficiency and reduce overheads with the most powerful school management system by your side

For Students

Get a digital companion that assists you throughout your learning journey. Track upcoming activities and get 24×7 access to your learning resources – while staying connected to your peers

For Teachers

Spend lesser time doing redundant and manual work and more time teaching. Become more effective by giving personalised attention to your students – significantly improving their learning outcomes

For Parents

Tune into how your child is learning and become an integral part of their learning progress. Stay up to date with all School activities and manage your child’s account with ease

Experience a fresh, modern approach to School management.

We are consumerising enterprise technology, giving educational institutions access to unprecedented power – helping them reach their full potential. With the power of Newton, there will be no looking back for your School!

Save Money

No more paper to buy or reports to print. No need for any new hardware or infrastructure setup. Manage your operations better and become more efficient - reducing your overheads

Save Time

Newton is a seamless & integrated experience, precision built for ease of use, speed and reliability - spend less time using the software and more time teaching and on efficient administration

Grow your School

Gain a technological advantage from your competitors and differentiate your institute. Make data-driven decisions to increase enrolment, learning outcomes and parent satisfaction

Are you ready for the Newton Revolution?

Start focussing on what matters the most – your School’s growth! Digitise your School with the most powerful school management system and chart your transformation journey today!